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How Much Cost to Build a new Patio With Pavers?

Homeowners can expect to spend between $4,476 and $9,872 for a 400-square-foota new paver patio (or $10.00 to $25.00 per square foot). Most homeowners spend an average of $5,537 to install a paver patio (or $15.00 per square foot).

Build a new Patio with Pavers


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Paver base is a form of aggregate used in the construction of patios and walkways, whose topmost layer consists of mortarless (or “dry-laid”) pavers. The first layer in the construction of such a surface is called the subgrade—this is the layer of native material underneath the intended surface.

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To lay patio pavers or concrete pavers for a typical patio installation, you need to build up several layers:
  • 6-inch layer of gravel paver base.
  • 1-inch layer of sand.
  • Pavers.
  • Polymeric/jointing sand in the joints between the pavers.

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Patio Installation Cost per Square Foot
Patio SizeAverage Cost
7×7 ft (2.13 m)$350 – $3,500
10×10 ft (ca. 3 m)$600 – $6,000
12×12 ft (3.66 m)$850 – $8,200
16×18 ft (5.49 m)$1,950 – $15,500

When it comes to DIY projects, a paver installation isn’t a quick or easy process, but the results are well worth your time. Whether you’re making small landscaping improvements to a rented property or need a safe, level place to grill, pavers make a great choice.

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Changes in the real estate market can lower the value of your home. Natural disasters and climate change can lower your property value because the property is a greater risk to purchase. Foreclosures in your neighborhood can also drive down property value.

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Average Cost of a New Paver Patio

Prices Based on a 400 sq. ft size patio


Low End - $4,476
National Average - $5,537
High End - $9,872

Cost Estimator by Sizes

It’s a simple rule of thumb: The larger your new patio, the more expensive your project will be.

Installers usually charge per square foot, so if you want your new patio to cover a larger area, you should expect a higher bill. On average, installing a paver patio costs $10.00 to $25.00 per square foot for labor and materials.

Have an idea of how much ground your patio will cover? You’ll find estimated costs for various patio sizes down below:

Build a new Patio with Pavers
PATIO SIZEAVERAGE COST ($15.00 per square foot)TYPICAL PRICE RANGE ($10.00
to $25.00 per square foot)
100 square feet (ca. 9 m²)$1,334$969 to $2,418
150 square feet (ca. 14 m²)$1,901$1,504 to $3,527
200 square feet (ca. 19 m²)$2,568$1,938 to $4,536
250 square feet (ca. 23 m²)$2,935$2,373 to $5,745
300 square feet (ca. 28 m²)$3,602$2,807 to $6,854
400 square feet (ca. 37 m²)$4,736$3,676 to $8,972
500 square feet (ca. 46 m²)$5,870$4,545 to $11,290
600 square feet (ca. 56 m²) $6,904$5,414 to $13,508
700 square feet (ca. 65 m²)$8,938$6,283 to $15,726

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Gravel $2.50 – $6
Concrete $6 – $10
Flagstone $14 – $35
Brick Pavers $1.50 – $14
Other Pavers $1.50 – $14


Gravel is, on average, the cheapest material for a patio and requires the least time to install. This type of mulch suits less landscaped, wilder gardens and backyards, and it provides great drainage as well. However, it is not very comfortable underfoot and can be hard to keep level.

Build a new Patio with Pavers


Build a new Patio with Pavers

Poured concrete slabs are highly versatile and inexpensive. The surface can be shaped however you see fit, and it serves as a great base for future installation of flooring or accessories (such as glazed tiles or a dining table). Concrete slabs can feature a variety of finishes and designs, but you can also keep the classic, no-frills concrete look if you place a high value on utility.


Flagstone is another classic, timeless patio material. Natural stone floor pieces are usually quite heavy due to their heavy construction, making professional installation highly recommended. Flagstone comes in a variety of colors and shapes, meaning you can find both regular squares or rectangles and more irregular “shard” shapes. Note that depending on what type of stone is used, there may be specific maintenance requirements, so research accordingly.

Build a new Patio with Pavers


Build a new Patio with Pavers

Brick pavers are an easy DIY install. They are durable, classic-looking, easy to replace and come in a variety of shapes and colors. An advantage of brick is that it can be used to create elaborate patterns or pictures on your patio. Herringbone, basketweave and concentric circles are all common patterns.

Other Types of Pavers

Also known as paving stones, pavers are an extremely common choice for patios. Whether made from stone, concrete, clay or brick, pavers offer an almost limitless range of patterns and styles. Manufactured specifically for use in patios and walkways, pavers have great durability and are low maintenance.

Other Materials

Sand, slate and tile are all examples of other materials that can be used to create a patio or backyard space. Depending on where you live, and is a fairly inexpensive option, but may require regular maintenance to stay debris free, while slate and tile can be quite expensive, but easier to maintain.

Install Pavers and Increase
Your Property Value

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What Factors Influence the Cost of Building a New Patio?

Your overall patio cost depends on several factors. There’s no cut-and-dry price, though a hardscape in your area should be able to give you a detailed quote. The patio’s design and the materials you use will have the largest impact.


The cost of installing a new patio and increasing your home’s curb appeal ranges from $15 per square foot for an inexpensive patio to $55 per square foot for an expensive patio. The bigger the patio, the more it’s going to cost.

It costs thousands less to build a small, 7-by-7-foot bistro patio than to build a large, 20-by-20-foot dining patio. If you plan on putting furniture on your patio, make sure you leave a 3-foot clearance, so people can walk through without feeling crowded.

Patio SizeCost
7×7$455 – $3,505
12×12$855 – $8,205
20×20$3,005 – $23,000


The more hardscaping in your patio design, the higher the overall price. Stamped concrete and intricate paver designs cost more than standard options. Patio covers, roofs, and pergolas can cost between $2,105 and $25,005, while patio sitting walls cost between $20 and $65 per square foot.

Labor Costs

For patio installation, labor costs around $10 to $20 per square foot. It can vary from yard to yard due to items such as slopes, removal of an existing patio, or even simply having an area that needs extra preparation before the pros can start their installation process.


Any shape deviation from a standard square or rectangle patio is going to raise costs. These custom shapes require more work (i.e., more labor) and sometimes even specialized materials. When it comes to curved or circular patios, Pavers make a great choice since they can be arranged without requiring a lot of customization, provided they are of the right size.


Even if it’s a DIY patio, you’re still going to need to get the proper clearance from your local municipality for the job. Permits to build a patio will range from $430 to $2,305 if required. Not all areas require one, though, so it’s best to check your area’s local codes.

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