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How Much Does A Brick Walkway Cost?

Brick Walkway

The walkway can bring charm and functionality to any outdoor area. In addition to leading from the driveway or garage to the front door, some property owners use walkways in more innovative ways. The expense of a walkway will depend greatly on a variety of elements, however, the most visible is the expense of the sidewalk bricks themselves. This guide can give you a much better understanding of the typical costs of pathway bricks, as well as how they can be used, their benefits, and their drawbacks.

Brick Paver Walkway

A brick walkway is a simple way to improve a home’s appearance. Install one if you want a tough, attractive, safe, and highly durable surface for your front door or backyard garden. The DIY brick walkway is a relatively simple project for even moderately handy homeowners, although the difficult labor makes hiring a pro worth considering.

FAQs for Brick Walkway

Spread Gravel

Spread a layer of gravel 1 to 2 inches deep along the entire length of your path. Use a tamper or 4- x 4-inch piece of wood, to tamp down the gravel over the entire surface.

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Gravel: About 3 to 4 inches of gravel at the bottom is smoothed and tamped down to create a base. Sand: About 2 inches of sand on top of the gravel is screeded flat to help the bricks rest flat and level.

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The average cost to build a brick walkway is $8 to $19 per square foot. This breaks down to materials cost of $4 to $8 per square foot and a professional installation cost of $4 to $11 per square foot.

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Professional installation will probably start at about $14 to $25 per square foot, although fancier designs and pricier bricks can drive that price higher.

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The average concrete block can withstand 3500 psi (pounds per square inch) while a conventional clay brick can take 3000 psi. Mortars high in cement content can endure up to 2500 psi, while high-lime mortars are weaker, only being able to handle 350 psi.

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Brick Walkway Costs and Considerations

Price of Walkway Bricks

  • The typical minimum price of walkway bricks: is $15 per square foot.
  • The typical maximum price of walkway bricks: is $25 per square foot.

A professional will charge something on the order of $15 to $25 per square foot (or more) to install a brick walkway. For a basic 25-foot long by a 4-foot wide walkway, that’s an estimated cost of $900-$1,600.

The labor required to install a brick walkway is a major cost determinant. It will be cheaper to build a straight walkway that has a simple pattern rather than one that twists, turns and requires numerous cuts. In the case of a particularly complex walkway and/or decorate brickwork, don’t be surprised if it costs balloon to as much as $40 or more per square foot.

Brick Paver Walkway

The bricks themselves are another major cost factor. Depending on the size, shape, and quality of the brick, costs range from $2.50 per brick to $6.50 per brick. If you want to salvage bricks from construction projects, you can do what this homeowner did. Or maybe you already have some bricks on your property that can be repurposed for a walkway.

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Benefits of Having a Walkway With Bricks

Having a walkway has a lot of important benefits for property owners. It does come with an expense, but a walkway will enable individuals to spend more time outdoors and prevent grass or new plants from being trampled. Considering that people won’t be stepping on gravel, dirt, or yard before entering your home, a brick walkway might even make the inside of your house cleaner than ever. When it comes to utilizing bricks in particular, there is also a range of benefits that include the following:

Brick Paver Walkway
  • Repair work is Easy.
  • Sturdiness and longer life expectancy.
  • Among the most cost-effective options.
  • The classic and traditional beauty.
  • Limitless design possibilities.
  • Can be put on dry ground, sand, or concrete.

Approximating and Determining Product Expenses

Whatever product a property owner eventually winds up picking, turning a rate per square foot into a real budget for the job can take some time. In general, bricks used for walkways cost between $15 and $25; however, the amount may vary depending on the quality, the number of bricks, and the geographic region. When the cost of brick per square foot is set, you should measure the space that the pathway will cover. Length multiplied by width will provide the overall area that has to be covered, however, adding another 15 per cent for waste is the smart way to go.
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Brick Paver Walkway

Bordered Herringbone Brick Walkways

A herringbone brick pattern is often associated with high-end styles and high-end looks and can be incorporated into walkways. Bricks can be put in a herringbone pattern for visual appeal, and it takes extremely little time to set up. It is best to add a border in a slightly different color from the walkway to enhance the smoothness and cleanliness of the design.

Straight Brick Walkways

One of the most common options for a brick walkway is a straight line leading from one location to another. Bricks are laid in a straight line in one direction, which makes the setup as fast as possible. It doesn’t have to be plain, despite the basic style. Adding a border to a garden or swimming pool can give the area an attractive appearance while highlighting the area. Hedges and shrubs can also be added to make them more appealing.

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Aged Brick Walkways

In rustic or historical houses, aged brick walkways work perfectly with the design of the structure. Through the use of aged bricks, specialists can create a walkway that just looks old without years of natural aging. Distressed or restored bricks are ideal for this project, and they are typically more affordable too. Put these bricks on a layer of sand instead of on concrete. The result is an irregular appearance and the appearance of age.

Mosaic Pattern Brick Walkways

Mosaic patterns can be a fantastic alternative to brick if property owners wish to go away from the conventional appearance brick can provide. This means the usage of smaller-sized bricks in balanced or even random patterns. The addition of textured pebbles can also add visual interest and kill the dullness of the brick’s color. While this is definitely a stunning technique for developing a brick walkway, it is also a more pricey option. Because putting mosaic bricks is a more creative way than regular, it will take up more time. Nevertheless, it is perfect for those who wish to handle the installation themselves or for those who are willing to pay extra for a distinct pathway.

Downsides of Having a Walkway With Bricks

Even if a homeowner is sold on having a walkway, it’s vital to consider the downsides of brick walkways. While brick is certainly a great option, it is not the only one. Other products that can be utilized for walkways are natural stone and concrete. A few of the downsides of brick walkways are:

  • Labor-intensive setup.
  • Absence of significant color variation.
  • Routine upkeep is needed.
  • Fading can take place at a time.

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Impacting Walkway Brick Expenses

Although there is a typical range for walkway brick costs, the particular number can vary depending on how many elements are included. Most commonly, it is important to consider where they will be acquired from, whether they are brand new or restored, the density, whether uncommon colors are required, and whether they will be sealed.
Making a walkway utilizing bricks is a popular concept, and it is a terrific way to develop a clear path in a garden or yard. This project can be expensive, and the final cost depends on how bricks are laid and how they are installed.

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