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Paver Installation in Wellington, FL

Get in touch with the professional team at Pavers Experts Wellington today about all your paving requirements for your landscaping project. Our concrete pavers come in a range of paver installation styles and paving colors for the Wellington, FL area. We also offer advice about laying garden paving.

 Whether you are interested in having a patio installed, a smooth driveway implemented or steppers placed throughout your garden – your local Paver Experts team can help

They can provide you with a bespoke design, at a fixed cost, and will manage a team of experienced contractors as they implement your

Paver Installation in Wellington, FL

paving design. If you are considering paver installations for your driveway, patio, decks or otherwise, we have the expertise to make your dreams a reality. With every installation, repair, and renovation service that we provide to the city, we bring our extensive experience, so you can expect the highest quality at an affordable Cost.

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FAQs For Paver Installation

Many people lay pavers on sand only or sand and cement, however for a truly professional job that will stand the test of time all paving should be laid on mortar.

Lots of questions come up regarding how to lay pavers on dirt, however, it is not recommended to lay pavers directly on dirt or any unprepared ground

The amount of sand you use can make or break your paver installation, so it’s best that you use no more than the recommended 1 inch. Here’s why: A sand layer that is too thick can create waves in your patio during the installation.

Using sand alone to set pavers is not enough. The best and recommended paver base is 3/8-inch crushed gravel. The gravel provides a flexible base that absorbs ground tension to prevent frost heaves.

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute recommends washed concrete sand as the best base sand for pavers. Concrete sand, also known as bedding sand, is coarse and doesn’t trap excess moisture beneath the paver surface.

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The Benefits of Our Paver Installation Services

Through years of experience, training, and dedication, we have mastered the patio paver process. We work with the highest standards in mind, always going out of our way to please our clients.

We want you to see the maximum benefit of our services. As part of our collaborative approach, we align our work with your project goals, working closely with you to accomplish this goal. As such, our services come with the following features and benefits:

Paver Installation in Wellington
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  •  Rigorous quality control.
  • Budget-friendly options.
  • Custom paver designs.
  • Extensive consultation services.
  • Improved curb appeal

Pavers are a versatile, long-lasting design element that can be easily added to any project. What’s more, our pavers come in a variety of different colors, designs, and styles. The possibilities are almost endless, so we’re sure to have something for everyone.

Services do Paver Experts Offer

Your Pavers Experts specialist can support you with all of your landscaping needs, including:

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  • Repairs to existing stone, brick or concrete work.
  • New installations, from start to completion.
  • Familiarity with material maintenance.
  • Interior and exterior work.
  • Remodels on a large and small scale.

Find professional concrete services, paver installers and stone masons on Pavers Experts. Search the Pavers Experts Professionals section for Wellington, FL stone, paver and concrete contractors.

Masonry and Concrete Contractors Provide Services

For large installations like driveways and walkways, or for home facades and exterior columns, most people hire stonemasons or concrete companies. These brick, stone, or paver installations can add lots of functionality and visual curb appeal to the front of your Florida home, as well as make a statement in the back. In addition to the variety of colors and shapes available, cement pavers are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and a paver patio contractor can help you choose a color and design that complements your existing landscape.

Professionals like these don’t just do exterior work. It’s important to

Paver Installation in Wellington

hire a professional if you plan to install traditional brick masonry on your fireplace facade, whether you want a split-stone granite wall in your kitchen or a split-stone granite wall in your bathroom. If you’re already working with an architect or designer, he or she may be able to suggest a good Wellington, FL subcontractor to help out.

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