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 Fortunately, all these and a budget-friendly custom installation plan can easily be acquired at Pavers Experts Paving Company in Miami.

Numerous residential and commercial properties have increased their curb appeal and value through our Paver Experts paver installation services. We specialize in travertine and concrete pavers, but are more than capable of using other paving materials as well.

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From your walkway to your pool deck, everything can look as sophisticated as you want with our wide range of paver design options.

Ready to plan a relaxing and attractive outdoor living space? Talk to our paver installation experts today!


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  1. Prepare the Patio Area. Laying pavers is a DIY project that takes about one weekend to complete.
  2. Clear Out Grass and Soil.
  3. Add Paver Base. …
  4. Add and Level the Paver Sand.
  5. Place the Paver Stones.
  6. Cut Pavers.
  7. Add Edging Stones or Paver Edging.
  8. Finish the Patio.

Lots of questions come up regarding how to lay pavers on dirt, however, it is not recommended to lay pavers directly on dirt or any unprepared ground. In order for pavers to look and perform their best in a permanent situation, the ground needs to be levelled, excavated and hard compacted.

sand-set paver base is the traditional way to install pavers. This method uses a layer of sand as a bed between the base and pavers. After installing sand, the pavers are laid on top and pressed into place.

washed river sand
The best sand to use between pavers is crushed rock or coarse, washed river sand. Pour the sand over the paved area and sweep it into every space between the pavers. Take the time to do a thorough job for long-lasting results.

The amount of sand you use can make or break your paver installation, so it’s best that you use no more than the recommended 1 inch. Here’s why: A sand layer that is too thick can create waves in your patio during the installation. Pressing pavers into a thick sand bed may result in misalignment and a messy look.

Complete Paver Installation Services

Pavers Experts Paving Company is a licensed, bonded, and insured paver installation company that caters to all kinds of hardscaping projects for residential and commercial properties. There is no job that is too big or too small for our skilled crew, always guaranteeing a paving plan that suits your specific needs and wants.

Included in our Paver Experts paver installation services are. 


Create an open or semi-enclosed patio that you can utilize for entertaining guests or enjoying outdoor time with your family. We can choose a style and layout of pavers that make your patio more suitable to your personal style, making the space more relaxing for you.

Pool Deck Pavers, Pavers Experts Company

Pool Decks

Highlight and make your pool area more inviting with a textured, decorative pool deck. We’ll make sure that yours will be safe and slip-resistant, allowing you to enjoy a pool party complete with sunbathing and BBQ with the whole family.


Customizing your driveway with our interlocking pavers can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home or commercial building. This will set your home apart from the neighbourhood and make the entrance to your business more inviting.

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Retaining Walls

We can install decorative retaining walls for a more dynamic landscape. These walls are also helpful to avoid erosion and drainage problems for your sloped terrain.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

If an outdoor fireplace is too big for your yard and will overwhelm the overall look of your landscape, a well-designed fire pit can be installed by our team and let you enjoy cooler nights with a good view of your yard.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits Paver Experts
Sidewalks and walkways_, Pavers Experts Company

Sidewalks and walkways

Aside from providing you and your guests with a safe place to walk on, even on rainy or snowy days, our paver installation service will give you attractive sidewalks and walkways that will increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it.

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Years of training and experience allow us to determine the most appropriate paving solutions for any type and complexity of a project. We always create a meticulous plan that addresses all the needs of our clients, ensuring that they get a long-lasting aesthetical outdoor space without breaking their budget.

Our equipment is complete with all the necessary tools for efficient site preparation and an error-free installation process. This avoids any unplanned downtime and saves you both time and money

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